It has always been a headache for owners of newly furbished offices or homes: the pungent odour of brand-new fixtures and fittings not only harms your concentration, but more importantly also your well-being. A touch of the seasonal blooms or greenery in the workspace does more than just pleasing the eyes: these excellent natural air purifiers also leave a favourable impression to your prospective clients.


With a broad selection of more than 40 species of indoor plants tended with utmost care and the highest standards, Flora Houses also takes pride in its in-house delivery team to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition. Looking for more than a bit of foliage to brighten up the place? Flora Houses also carries out site surveys and assessments to create tailored garden designs and landscape proposals to your very own likings. Plant rental is highly sought after by clients who enjoy green space but are too busy to perform the upkeep themselves: a task best left to the good hands of our dedicated gardening team.



Improve air quality

Create greenery working environment to improve working efficiency

Reduce noise

Hide unsightly architectural flaws

Increase customer perceived value