Easiest Houseplants to Grow

It is always a hot topic or hot searching item on google when you would like to have a plant.

Easiest Houseplants to Grow

Golden Pothos/ Pothos

When we’re thinking about beginner plants, we have to mention Pothos. A beautiful and tough trailing plant, you can place golden pothos almost anywhere in your home. This is an amazingly adaptable plant that can take a lot of abuse and continue to look beautiful. It can maintain its shape and color even in a low-light corner for a surprisingly long time. To encourage your pothos to thrive and grow, place it in a medium or bright indirect light place. The more light the pothos plant gets, the more water it should receive.

The trailing stems of pothos are also easily propagated. Just snip off a 4-6″ section, place the cut end in water, and wait for roots to develop!


Sansevieria Trifasciata / Sansevieria

Sansevierias are the most easy-care indoor plants that offer you beauty and air purifying with low-maintenance level. Their semi-succulent leaves and water-storing rhizomes, snake plants don’t require frequent watering and are adaptable to many different living conditions. Also, they fit into any space without taking up much space due to their narrow, upright growth habit.

If you have a snake plant, take extra care not to overwater it. These plants can go weeks between watering in a typical indoor environment, so they’re perfect for the forgetful plant keeper. If kept in direct sun or outdoors for the summer, they’ll appreciate being watered on a weekly basis.

Swiss Cheese Plant/Monstera

Swiss Cheese Plant/monstera is a top model in plant world. You can see it anywhere like facebook, Instagram, pinterest etc. Luckily, they’re also extremely easy to care for! Monsteras tend to thrive in most indoor environments, and can grow very large and beautiful, becoming a piece of art or focal point in a home.

Their soil can dry out about 75% of the way and they won’t make a dramatic statement if you water a few days late. For the fastest growth and largest leaves, place your monstera in bright, indirect light such as near an east or west facing window. We recommend clean the leaves regularly to keep the show-stopping leaves shiny and clean. If you think the monstera is grow too messy, you can use the iron garden stick to adjust their posture.


Zanzibar Gem/ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is another easy-to-grow plant due to its adaptability to a wide range of indoor conditions. The ZZ plant easily tolerates low light and doesn’t need much water. In fact, the plant often goes dormant (while staying green) over the winter and should only be watered once every 4-6 weeks. During periods of active growth in the spring and summer, more frequent watering encourages growth, as does bright, indirect light and warm temperatures. If you notice the leaves are turning yellow, that’s an indication your plant could be overwatered, so check the soil moisture. Know more about how to check the soil moisture, can refer another article.

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