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Plants come from nature. We want to make our best efforts, no matter big or small, to give back to our environment.

There are 2 principles to guide us when we decide environmental policies and campaigns.

1. Reuse / Recycle
2. Reduce waste at source

Let's see what we are doing.

# GivingBack campaign
In year 2020/21, we partnered with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to make purchases more meaningful. A portion of the sales generated from “Drought Tolerant Plants” goes to TNC as a support to the local environmental work.

In the future years, we will do more. Please stay with our #GivingBack campaign.

# Pots
In addition to The Unicorn®, our own pot brand, we also aim at sourcing products which are friendly to the environment.

The CoffeeNext Upcycling Pot is designed and manufactured by Eco Greenergy, a local social enterprise. They collect and upcycle the coffee grounds and turn them into scented and biodegradable flower pots.

Artstone is a flower pot brand from Malaysia. The pots are made of 100% recycled and natural materials. They are beautiful and functional.

The Unicorn® is our own pot brand. The product is designed to be durable (the materials) and lasting (the exterior design). We hope the pot can stay with you as long as possible. (See what’s special about The Unicorn® pot)

# Planting/Potting
To encourage you to keep your old pots, we can support you with a complimentary transplanting service if you buy plants with us. Click “Buy the plants only” in the product and see which type of transplanting service would fit you.

We reuse “unwanted” plastic pots to make the drainage system when potting. (See how we plant in pot)

# Internal policies
We set up recycling bins in the office and take them to green organizations (e.g. GREEN‌@COMMUNITY by the Environmental Protection Department) regularly. Not only the office staff is taking part, the outdoor teams are encouraged to bring back any plastic bottles. We are happy to see that this is becoming a routine for all staff.

We don’t want to stop at recycling. Starting from early 2020, instead of supplying small bottles of water to each one in the outdoor landscaping teams, we provide the big ones (those we used with dispensers in the office) with a drinking water pump for the whole team to refill water in their own water bottles.

Photo Credit:
Dan Stark on Unsplash

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