How to check the soil is dry or wet?

We are often asked how ofter should we water the plant? Customers are usually not satisfied with our reply. Customers want to know the frequency and volume but we always answer “Check the soil conditon before watering, water the plant when the topsoil is dry, water until the water drip out of the pot” . So this time, we want to talk about how to check the soil condition.

How to check the soil is dry or wet?

Watering is a deep topic 

Checking the soil condition is important before watering.

Overwatering brother the breathing of roots.

The plant will wither if under-watering for a long period of time.


If you don’t want to dirt your hand, you can use the chopstick.

Put the chopstick 5-7cm deep into the topsoil to see.

The above image shows the different soil conditions.

Right: Soil is dry

Middle: Soil is semi-moist / semidry

Left:  Soil is moist


Watering the plant depends on the species

Soil is moist: No watering is needed

Semidry / Semimoist: watering the plant if the species is Golden Pothos, Swiss Cheese Plant or Arce Palm etc.

Soil is dry: watering the plant is the species is Pachira Macrocarpa, Sansevieria Trifasciata, Zanzibar Gem etc.

The above information for reference only. The humidity of soil is affected by the environment and weather. How often water the plant and how much must depend on the plant species and plant’s conditions.


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