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Sansevieria Trifasciata

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Pot: (H) 47 cm X (L) 32 cm X (W) 32 cm
Saucer: (H) 3.5 cm X (L) 25.2 cm X (W) 25.2 cm

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Air Cleaner

Can filter airborne toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde

We always say Sansevireria Trifasciata is like cactus, except the sunlight. Sansevireria Trifasciata doesn’t need as much as sunlight as cactus does. Not much care needed but they are easy to grow and functional. Researches have shown that it has significant effect on absorbing harmful elements.
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Plant Care

When to Water
Low Frequency - Water When most of the soil is dry [80% of the soil] 

Check the soil moisture level every 10 to 12 days.
Remove some of the pine bark on the soil and stick your finger or stick 5-7cm deep into the topsoil to see if it is dry. [if there are no soil stick in your finger or stick, it means the soil is dry]
Depending on the actual environment and plant conditions, adjustments may be needed.

The watering schedule may be less frequent during the winter month

Watering Volume
When you water, you can use 800ml as a testing point for floor plants and 250ml for table plants, evenly pour over the soil (not necessarily to remove the pine bark).

Check the saucer and see if there is any water in it. If yes, that means enough watering.

Watering Remarks
#Don’t forget to remove the excessive water in the saucer, a absorbent towel may also help, to avoid mosquitoes breeding.
#Overwatering may be caused to brown leaves, brown leaves spots, and soft leaves

This plant prefers 

# Indoor with sufficient artificial light
# Indoor with sunlight
# Outdoor with shade
# Outdoor without shade (should pay attention to leaf burn)

How to Prune

# Cut the yellowish part when part of the leaf turns yellow
# Cut the leaf with the stem when the whole leaf turns yellow

When to fertilize
# After taking the plants home for 3 months
# Preferably in spring, summer and autumn only (due to the growing cycle)

How to fertilize
# Different plant foods have their own concentration, please refer to their instructions (see organic plant food)

Fertilization remarks
# Overusing plant food can cause root damage and may kill the plant

# Remove excessive water after watering
# Remove fallen leaves
# Apply pest repellent regularly (see organic pest repellent)

# Apply pesticide (see BioKill Universal Insecticide)
# Try to find out the source and remove it

# Plant products take 1-2 months to adapt to a new environment. Leaves may turn yellow when they are adapting.

Plants are living creatures. Please accept and appreciate the variation in color and shape.
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