Product Update 2022 The Unicorn® Flower Pot

Look closer at the unique pattern of The Unicorn Pot

The Unicorn® Pot was launched in 2017. This year, the brand has entered its sixth year. We changed all our pots (except stainless steel movable planters) to new material - a patented mixture of recycled materials [Stone Powder + Plastic + wood Dusts]. A new upcycling flower pot was born. It also aligned with the company's green policy.The pattern of the pot is coming from the mixing procedure of stone powder, plastic, and wood dust. This is the natural texture.

Available Colours:
Marble Black / Marble Grey / Marble Brown / Marble Beige

Components: Flower pot with saucer

Pot: (H) 47 cm X (L) 32 cm X (W) 32 cm
Saucer: (H) 3.5 cm X (L) 25.2 cm X (W) 25.2 cm

Materials:A patented blend of recycled material [Stone Powder + Plastic + Wood Dust]

Suitable for: Indoor & Outdoor

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