The Unicorn® Flower Pots

We emphasize the plant quality, and how the flower pot matches.

The Unicorn® Flower Pots

A plant with ornamental value needs a quality flower pot as a company. Currently in the market, there are pots in low cost but not tasteful design. There are also pots with stunning appearance but costly at the same time. This is an issue which has been bothering us.

A good-looking flower pot fits into the interior design. For example, a Chinese red pot does not match with Japanese minimal furnishings; a nordic pink pot does not go well with industrial style. The pot size, in other words, the ratio of the plant and the pot, is another important criteria. There are no golden ratios, but once the ratio is wrong, it ruins the setting.

Functionally, a good pot helps the plant to grow and make your caring work easier. A good pot must come with a good drainage system and a saucer of the same set. The pot should be strong. If you have kids and pets and a fragile ceramic pot at home, that could be pretty dangerous when pots get pulled down.

We were not able to find a pot which has everything that we emphasize, and so one day, we decided to MAKE OUR OWN!

This pot series is called The Unicorn®.

It is not the unicorn in the Greek myths or the VC industry, but the one with a tough shell in the insect world. We believe that The Unicorn® collections can be lasting and durable, like the unicorns.

We now have 4 collections available --- from indoor table pot to outdoor planter box. Click to see the collections:

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