Things to Get Prepared Before Having Plants

Based on our observation, we think there are a few things (material and non-material) that you could prepare before starting to have plants.

Things to Get Prepared Before Having Plants

1. Choosing the suitable plants for the suitable environment
As long as there is light, water and air, it is a suitable environment. However, every plant has their own preferred environment. Some like sunshine, some do not. Thus, we need to consider the environmental conditions and pick the right plants. They will thrive next!

2. Mindset
Plants are not standardized products, all of them are unique. They may look different even if they are the same species. They may change according to the environment. How you take care of them also matters. Similar to having pets, we need to prepare a good mindset to welcome every success and failure.

3. Another mindset
When you see yellow leaves and fallen leaves, don’t panic! As long as the portion of them is not much, they are  metabolism only. And very often, when plants move into a new environment, they need some time to adapt. You may also see yellow and fallen leaves during the time.

4. Knowledge of Caring
The caring work for plants are generally less than pets. You don’t need to feed the plants every day but regular watering, trimming and fertilizing are necessary. You may learn more about the plants that you like before buying. This will avoid feeling difficult in the future.

5. Accessories
Other than watering cans (for watering), scissors (for pruning) and mister (for moisturizing the leaves and cleaning the leaves), you may prepare some plant food and pest repellents. (related topics: When to use plant food; How to do pest control)

Photo Credit:
Eco Warrior Princess on Unsplash

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