How Plants “Eat”

There are a few ways.

How Plants “Eat”

You may have heard of “photosynthesis” --- a natural process of the plants making food with light, water and other elements. Plants then take the “food” they made by themselves.

In addition to the main course, plants also need various nutrients. Some nutrients give the green colour to the plants. Some nutrients facilitate photosynthesis. Soil is a main source of these nutrients. (related topics: How We Plant in Pots)

Nutrients in the soil will run out some day, and then you will need plant food products. These products can be treated as a supplement to support the growth of the plants. They are usually rich in crucial nutrients, namely Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K).

After taking the new plants home for 3 months, you may start using plant food. Seasons also matter, although there is not a big difference in temperature to indoor plants. We usually fertilize the plants in spring, summer and autumn. Winter is less preferable due to the growing cycle. Different plant foods have their own concentration, we should use them according to the instructions to avoid overuse.

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