Pachira Macrocarpa (aka Money Tree) Gets Sick Easily?

They are quite vulnerable but if you understand them, they are still a lovely indoor plant.

Pachira Macrocarpa (aka Money Tree) Gets Sick Easily?
Similar to Radermachera hainanensis Merr, the usual reason for Pachira Macrocarpa getting sick is the poor ventilation. Being in such an environment for a long time, scale insects will be attracted to breed. They will make the leaves sticky. Medications are needed by then.

If you have the windows open and let the natural wind come in and out, plants are healthier. However, most of the indoor places are air-coned, which is an artificial environment, in Hong Kong. If you like these plants at your offices, you may consider plant rental service. Plants are taken care of by a professional gardener. And even if

Another common cause for Pachira Macrocarpa getting sick is overwatering.

Pachira Macrocarpa is drought tolerant that overwatering can kill. Its root system is usually not well established. Humid soil favours the growth of fungus, which hurts the roots. Being not able to absorb water and nutrients, the plant will die. When you see the leaves getting yellow like this, it can be a symptom. Unfortunately, when you realize the issues, the plants are often not recoverable. So it is a must to pay attention to the soil moisture and the way of watering. Regular application of neem oil also helps to prevent fungal growth.

Photo Credit:
Antonia Glaskova on Unsplash

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