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The Plant Runner - Bio Pellets

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Please Noted that this product contains microbial, Mould is normal situation. It does not mean overdue !!

A low-maintenance approach to plant care, this is a fertiliser for people who forget to fertilise.

Bio Pellets are packed with nutrients that slowly release into soil to keep plants happy and healthy. But why stop there? These little pellets punch well above their weight by:

  • Providing plants with a complete feed
  • Increasing water retention
  • Helping plants bounce back from a rough patch
  • Encouraging new growth or flowering
  • Nourishing soil microbes doing important work
  • Helping plants defend against pests and pathogens with chitin to activate their natural defences

We have created these pellets using a combination of three Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Kelps and sustainable, carbon-negative Frass.

Ingredients: Kelp, Frass

Kelp is known for its benefits in improving soil conditions as well as enhancing growth and flowering. It is a fantastic anti-stress product, so is great to use when transplanting. Our Bio Pellets use a combination of three types of Kelp each with their own unique benefits when it comes to supporting healthy plants.

  • Laminaria - can assist with recovery of previous viruses
  • Sargassum - full of alginic acid which boosts water retention
  • Ascophyllum nodosum - rich in cyctokinins (hormones that promote cell division, or cytokinesis, in plant roots and shoots). It also features the highest mineral content of any kelp.

Pellets break down into the soil over a period of weeks, depending on moisture and heat. As they break down they slowly release the nutrients, acids and hormones from the seaweed and frass, making sure your plants have a consistent supply of the good stuff and leaving them want for nothing.


#Blending into potting mix

Mix through 15-20 tablets per litre of potting media. Water in to activate

#Top dress above rootzone

One tablespoon (approx. 8-10 pellets) every 6-8 weeks for best results. Alternatively, sprinkle a few pellets around the root ball every two weeks.

#Turn through garden beds

Incorporate into soil for best result. Turn through 3L per 10 m2. Water in to activate. Apply mulch to retain moisture 


Brew tea 24 hours prior and strain, 2-3 pellets per 1000 ml water


Safety Directions: Wash hands after use

Plant Profile
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Plant Care

#Can I use this with The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food?

Sure. For best results, feed you plants with the Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food once a month while your plants are actively growing, and apply Bio Pellets as directed all year round.

#Can I use this with The Plant Runner Soil & Microbe Booster?

Yeah yeah! We suggest using the Soil & Microbe Booster once when repotting, and then using the Bio Pellets as directed every 6-8 weeks


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