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Pot Dolce by Artstone - Light Grey

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Artstone offers series of modern and eco-friendly flower pots. Made from an environmentally friendly blend of recycled plastic and natural stone powder. Artsone planters are 100% recyclable. The pot of today, made for the future.

(H) 29 X (D) 33 cm - Bottom diameter: 21 cm 
(H) 33 X (D) 38 cm - Bottom diameter: 25 cm 

Why Artstone Flower Pot:
# Made of 100% recycled and natural material
# Lightweight
# Suitable for indoor and outdoor
# Water-Minder™ Self-Watering System
# Easier plant care work
# Avoid mosquitoes breeding

Usage Tips:
# Use it outdoor
Recommend to always take off the plug to drain away the excessive water

# Use it indoor
Recommend to take off the plug every 1-2 months to dry out the excessive water, in case there is any

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