Few things you must know before you become a “Plant Parent”

If you are new "Plant Parent", this article definitely helps you understand more about plants.

Few things you must know before you become a “Plant Parent”

Most of the plants love high humidity but not wet soil

Wet soil bothers the root breathing, it may cause root rot. It is difficult to make your plant back when the root rot.

We always say “Fully water your plant and water it again when the soil is Dry” & “Under-watering is better than Over-watering”

In most situations, the plant can recover in a couple of hours when it suffers in under-watering conditions. However, the plant may be difficult to recover when it has the sign of over-watering.

In point 1, we have mentioned that plants do not like wet soil, while wet soil bothers the root breath. Therefore, we recommend watering your plant when the soil is dry. In order to make sure the root is not living in the wet soil most of the time.

Fully watering your plant is mean watering until water drip out of the pot. Sometimes, the new plant parent like to just spray water in the leaves or slightly water the topsoil with high frequency to avoid overwatering and underwatering. This is definitely WRONG. The roots cannot absorb a small amount of water. In the long term, the plants will have the sign of under-watering.


The Plant does not like the Air-conditions [AC] environment

When we are feeling good in the air conditioner environment in hot summer.

Many plants enjoy and thrive in hot and hazy weather, especially tropical plants like money trees and dracaenas that are native to humid jungles near the equator. The cold, dry dead air that’s comfortable for us is unfortunately not as beneficial for many houseplants. Plant is easier to get sick in the AC environment. 


Few things we can do:

Mist Your Plants

This will raise the humidity around the plant temporarily, so it’s best to mist every day.

Use a Humidifier

This is one of the most effective options that are beneficial for plants and humans alike. Adding humidity to dry rooms will keep your plants moisturized and moisture your dry skin.


Dusting and cleaning our plant’s leaves can be an easily overlooked plant care task.

In the outdoor, rainwater and wind do the work of removing dirt and debris from the plant’s leaves. indoors, we must do it by ourselves. The best way to remove dust and dirt is to gently wipe down the plant’s foliage with a wet cloth and match it with the neem oilCleaning the leaves is not just improving the look of your plant, it allows the plant to photosynthesize more efficiently. It’s also a great way to get up close and personal with your plant, checking it for early stages of insect infestations or other issues that may be happening.

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