Feng Shui Plants

We have a list of our customers’ selections for their Feng Shui settings. Hope they help!

Feng Shui Plants

We are not Feng Shui masters, but we do have a list of our customers’ selections for their Feng Shui settings. Hope they help!

1. Golden Pothos

Top of the list! The big leaves and its crawling nature are seen to be a Feng Shui matter. More importantly, Golden Pothos are easy to care for and can survive under low light environments. You may find them commonly used in office design, apart from Feng Shui, as Pothos is adaptive to the artificial lights.

2. Zanzibar Gem

ZZ Gem is another un-demanding indoor Feng Shui plant. It is drought resistant that less water is better than overwatering. It may be easily killed by overwatering.

3. Pachira Macrocarpa

It has another English name called “Money Tree” and a fortunate Chinese name (literally translated as “getting rich tree”). But compared with Golden Pothos and Zanzibar Gem, Pachira Macrocarpa needs more care. They may get sick easily if the air ventilation is not good (related topic: What Is a Well-Ventilated Environment?).

4. Bird of Paradise

If you like something not too oriental, Bird of Paradise may help. Its super big leaves make them a western-styled Chinese Feng Shui plant. However, there must be split leaves. They are the plant nature. You may want to double confirm with your Feng Shui master before getting one.

5. Air purifying plants

Sometimes our customers are just looking for plants that have significant air purifying ability. In their Feng Shui perspective, clean and fresh air can bring good fortune.

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Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

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