The Struggle Between Real and Fake Christmas Trees...

Cost-wise, artificial Christmas trees are always cheaper than a real one. Yet, with the rising concerns of environmental protection nowadays, people also take eco-friendliness into account.

The Struggle Between Real and Fake Christmas Trees...

It is true that the real Christmas tree is once-off, meanwhile, the artificial Christmas tree can be reused and reused. Also, chopping down the Christmas trees seems damaging to the environment.

Yet, before the trees got chopped down, they were contributing to giving out fresh oxygen by absorbing the carbon dioxide. Christmas tree farms are thousands and thousands hectares. You can imagine their contribution to the earth.

When producing the plastic fake Christmas tree, many harmful gases are generated. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) may even keep releasing when arriving at our home. To offset these adverse impacts, we have to re-use the fake Christmas for 10 to 20 years. And when we dump it, the earth would take another decade to ‘digest’ it.

On the contrary, we send the recycled real Christmas trees to the recognized recycling station or local social enterprise to turn the trees into wooden furniture.

Although the real Christmas trees are not pollution-free, like the carbon footprints created when transporting, they are still considered as a greener option.

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