Terms & Conditions

About Orders

1. Clients can only make changes to an order in 24 hours after order is placed

Please inform via below:

Phone: (852) 3690 0126

Whatsapp: (852) 6908 7060

After 24 hours of order confirmation ,  we will take $ 120 administration cost for any change of the order . 

The final order amount cannot be less than the original order, we don't offer any refund for the changing order.

The second delivery after changing the order will be charged.

About Receiving Orders

1. Plant products are non-exchangeable after acceptance of clients

Please check the condition upon delivery, plant product is non-exchangeable after client signed for it.

2. Exchangeable condition

If the plant wilts within 7 days due to condition problems, a new plant will be exchanged. No exchange will be available after 7 days.

3. Plants are living beings, please accept and appreciate the variation in colour and shape.


About Delivery 

1. Additional charges may apply for special delivery requests. Please note that delivery time may be affected by traffic conditions

2. Delivery service is arranged between 9am - 12pm or 2pm - 5pm. A call will be received before arrival of delivery.


After receiving your plant

1. Yellowing leaf may happen as plant products take 1-2 months to adapt to a new environment.

2. Basic maintenance tips are available on product page of our online shop. However it varies with environmental conditions, please observe condition of your plant before watering.

3. All plants are watered before delivery.

4. Please contact us for advise if you encounter any maintenance problems.  

Phone: (852) 3690 0126

Whatsapp: (852) 6908 7060