Living green wall is one of the hottest landscaping solutions in Hong Kong in recent years. It is widely used exteriorly in hotels, commercial buildings, retail stores, residencies and interiorly in shopping malls and office areas.

Living green walls are panels of specifically designed plants growing vertically by hydroponics. With the variation of form, colour and growth status of different species of plants, each green wall presents a unique refreshing look that makes a plain wall vibrant with colour and texture.

As a result of the high special heat capacity of water, a large scale living green wall regulates building’s temperature by preventing drastic temperature fluctuation under direct sunlight.

Artificial green wall is also popular among clients who are looking for a harass-free, maintenance-free and low-cost option. It is particularly suitable for small, closed areas such as shop window displays.

Currently, we are corporate with a Sweden company " Vertical Garden Design"  by using sweden system and design in order to provide more solution and design option to our customers.