Dracaena Fragrans

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Height x Width
(H)160-165 cm X (W)60-65 cm

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  About Plant: 

Dracaena Fragrans is an easily grown and sturdy houseplant, which can absorb formaldehyde, trichlorethylene and benzene. The Dracaena is originated from the tropics of Africa – from Sudan to Mozambique and from Angola to Ivory Coast. It is widely used in the region as a decorative plant.

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  Suitable Environment: 

• Avoid excessive sunlight
• Indoor lighting 
• Close to window 

  Maintenance Tips


When to Water 

Around once every 7 - 10 days, depending on the weather and soil moisture.

Remove some of the pine bark on the soil and stick your finger 2-3cm deep into the soil. If the soil is dry, it is time to water.

How to Water

When you water, you can use 800ml as a testing point for floor plants and 250ml for table plants, evenly pour over the soil (not necessarily to remove the pine bark).

Check the saucer and see if there is any water in it. If yes, water less next time. Gradually, you will learn more about your plants’ demand on water in that environment. 

Watering Remarks

Don’t forget to remove the excessive water in the saucer with a towel, to avoid mosquitoes breeding. (Take a look at insect repellents)


- Cut the leaf with stem when the whole leaf turns yellow

- Cut the yellowish part when part of the leaf turns yellow 



- Quarterly (Take a look at plant foods)



- Plants are living things. Please accept and appreciate the variation in color and shape.

- Plant products take 1 - 2 months to adapt to a new environment, yellowing leaf may happen at the first month. 

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