Calathea Makoyana with Ceramics Pot

  • Product Code: Calathea Makoyana with Ceramics Pot
Height x Width
(H)25-30 cm X (W)20-25 cm

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Suitable Environment: 
• Suitable for indoor lighting 
• Put near the window 
• To avoid excessive sunlight 

Maintenance Tips 
• Water when soil surface is dry 
• Water slowly and evenly onto soil surface 
• Water until water drips out of the pot 
• Water every 2-3 days, adjust the amount of water depending on weather and moisture of soil 

• Cut the leaf with stem when the whole leaf turns yellow 
• Cut the yellowish part when part of the leaf turns yellow 

• Monthly 

Remarks : 
• Plants are living creatures. Please accept and appreciate the variation in color and shape. 
• Plant products take 1-2 months to adapt to a new environment, yellowing leaf may happen at the first month. 

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